Watermelon and Asian Papaya Salad Bites


So, the past weekend, I ended up binge eating. It isn’t something unusual for me. Weekends are the two days when my family goes into a cooking spree. My father is a wonderful cook and he takes the kitchen onto himself with his cooking (Usually for Indian cook books). He isn’t the extreme experimenter per say but he does mighty well I think.

These are also the only days when we think of eating out, considering that weekdays are quite impossible to have evenings out with work and travel schedules.

So, anyhow, my weekend was full of heavy stuff and chocolates and more good stuff, so beginning the week, I decided to go on a health spree. In came in fruits and bunch loads of vegetables and out went the chocolates.

So, while in that phase, I decided to experiment a bit with watermelons and this recipe is a result of that. Tastes pretty good as the watermelon provides the sweetness and the slightly sweet; sour and spice characters are made up by the green papaya salad.

Not to forget, there is absolutely no sugar or any artificial additives in there – only natural stuff and this makes it all the more healthier. Also gets made in about 20 minutes max, low in salt and extremely low in calories. What more could anyone want when on a health spree?



Watermelon – cut into rounds slices

For the Asian salad

Green Papaya [Paw-paw] – 1 small – thickly shredded

Thai Birds eye chilli – 1 No.

Lemongrass bulb – ½ inch

Galangal – ½ inch

Thai Basil – a few leaves

Tamarind – 1 inch ball soaked in 1 tablespoons of water

Palm Sugar / Jaggery – 1 inch piece or a little more – depending on your taste

Salt – a couple of pinches to taste

Sesame seeds – 1 teaspoon

Coriander – 2 tablespoons finely chopped



For the Watermelon:

  1. Using a round cutter, cut out small rounds from the watermelon slices. Don’t use a very big one to cut rounds as then it would be difficult for people to pick up and eat in one bite. These are meant to be small bite sized ones. You might need to carefully deseed the bite pieces too.
  2. Leave these aside until required.

 For the Asian Salad:

  1. Use a mortar and pestle for this as that gives the best result.
  2. Add in the chilli, galangal, lemongrass, basil and Palm sugar into the mortar and ound with the pestle till coarsely crushed. This releases all the flavours out.
  3. Add in the Tamarind pulp extracted in the water soaked earlier.
  4. Now add in the shredded papaya to the mortar. Pound with the pestle and then mix with a spoon in the mortar. Repeat constantly until everything comes together.
  5. Add in the salt, coriander and ½ of the sesame seeds to this.
  6. Mix well.

For the Assembly



  1. On the serving tray / plate, place the watermelon rounds.
  2. Place some of the Papaya salad onto the rounds.
  3. Sprinkle with some sesame seeds and add a sprig of Coriander.






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