Burano…What can I say about this mini island? I guess the pictures will do most of the talking for me about this place.


The island is a short boat ride from Murano (Covered in my last post on travel). My first step onto the island and my impressions go like “There is a lot of colour here”. Believe me, I am not kidding.


Lining the sides of the passing waterway in between, are rows of 2 storey high buildings in all hues of colour stand in all their splendour. Name a colour and its there. The jazzy strawberry shade or the shocking Turquoise blue colour to the Lime-green or even the blush maroon shade, all shouting out at me that life is all about colour and its wonders.



In fact, I believe I came across some detail, that if someone needs to change the colour of their building in Burano, they needed to check with the local council and get the colour approved. All the buildings, I think, as per the norm there are colour co-ordinated and planned out to create the beautiful effect.

The lovely buildings with their small porches, tubs of beautiful summer flowers hanging outside and fairy-tale windows engrave themselves in your memory and are hard to not be able to think about when discussing architecture or building designs. The concept of colour co-ordination is a first ever I had come across for an entire island and it is quite an interesting one. Gives it almost a child-like enthusiasm – the love for colour. Took me back to the times when I was a kid and all the houses I drew on paper were either in shades of blue or pink or orange. This was like watching it all come alive.


Walking around the small island (you can cover the entire island I guess in about 3 hours or so), there were some interesting things I came across..One of which is this quote hanging outside a shop where probably the owner was on a break, but it represents Life to me and resonates with my thoughts on fate and destiny. Think of it…Isn’t life like that?


Life is strange…gives us little signs and learning’s in the most unexpected places and it is in this, the unexpected way in which we learn that we remember it the best.


Burano is also the island for “Lace”. Small shops, set up in the colourful buildings selling hand-woven lace made by the local women are an attraction.

One of the shops I walked into also had a local lady actually weaving the lace and she was good enough to let me take a picture of her. The picture for me is like from the old Victorian Novels where ladies spent their time weaving cloth and lace in their homes to turn into works of art. The lady, elegant in her appearance represented the image I had of a perfect lady from that era and still preserving the art of Vintage lace in today’s commercial times.



Believe me, it is no simple job, weaving lace. It is an absolute work of art.


Scarves, dresses, tablecloths, table-mats and even just plain lace can be found in these stores. I got myself a pretty Pink lace scarf…Couldn’t leave without a local souvenir, could I?




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  1. Dear Nisha,
    Very nice photography! You have so many hidden talents!
    warm regards, Ravi


    1. finenish says:

      Kind words…thank you 🙂


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