Pepper Spiked Falsa Mojito


Nothing gives me more joy than getting my hands on seasonal produce and devouring it for the stretch of the season. Of course, the happiness is a bit short-lived as the season has to end but then, that’s the sign of another season setting in. That’s how the cycle works. It reminds us to be grateful for the produce available and to not take it for granted. Be it mangoes in summer or the delightful mustard greens available in winter (also known widely as Sarson da saag), or the lychees you get in the monsoons.

Research and studies also support the theory that food should be consumed as per the seasons. Fruits like Kokum (Garcinia) grow only in the summers and they are actually cooling in nature for the body. Similarly, mustard greens possess warming properties and hence are consumed specially in the winters. Lot more other examples can be found if studied in detail.

My mom got a bagful of Falsa (Phalsa…am not too sure of its Botanical name) fruits from Gujarat recently. Now traditionally, falsa fruits are crushed and made into a drink with sugar and water. These fruits are extremely cooling for the system and grow mostly found in Gujarat.

I picked up a couple of handfuls of these beauties from her stack and experimented a bit to create my own version of a party cocktail with it. The fruits worked well in combination with a few spice hints. There are a lot more combinations of herbs that I can think of based on the flavour of these fruits but I do have a limited stock of these fruits at the moment.

Here’s sharing my recipe of a Falsa Mojito.

Spice Spiked Falsa Mojito


Pureed Falsa fruits – 1 cup

Powdered sugar – 1 ½ cup

Sugar Syrup

Deseeded red birds eye chilli – ½

Sichuan Peppercorn – 3-4

White Rum – About 30 mls

Sparkling water – 200Mls approx

Crushed ice – ½ glass


  • Mix the Falsa puree and sugar together in a bowl.
  • Mix well and let it sit for a half hour or so until the sugar’s well homogenized in the mix.
  • This mixture can be frozen to use at a later date in the deep freezer.
  • Take 4-5 tablespoons of the puree in a glass.


  • Add in about 2 tablespoons of Sugar syrup.
  • In a mortar, add in the red chilli and peppercorns. Bash with a pestle until very finely ground. You do not want the red chilli as a whole piece in your mouth.
  • Add this mixture into the falsa mix.
  • Add in the rum at this point.
  • Add in the crushed ice and top with the Sparkling water.
  • Serve garnished with a sprig of fresh Basil.


Note: You can adjust the sweetness of the sugar and the spice heat according to your taste.

A lot many other spice combinations can be tried out such as a bit of muddled fresh basil or even maybe a hint of orange zest. Feel free to experiment.


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