Borough Market – London


Of all the markets I have been to, this one is where my heart lies. The mere thought of this market leaves my heart cringing with want and desire for this place.

The Borough market in London could possibly be any food lover’s idea of heaven. My visit to this market was on a rather chilly and windy day in June in 2012.

The market is a short walk from London Bridge station but can seem rather long if you have to trudge through the windy streets in London. Anyhow, finding myself at the outer end of the market unsure of where to go, I decided to just walk along and explore the place instead of asking for directions. That’s usually the best way to explore without any directions. You learn a lot of things by just simply observing.

The moment I step foot into the market, my heart misses a beat. Eyes wide, mind unbelieving and absolutely in love – I take in the first feel and experience absolute joy. This is what any food market should be like.

There are live counters dishing our all sorts of delicacies to the already waiting crowds there. There are crepes and sandwiches and pies and iced-teas – beautifully crafted products.

Wandering further, I realised I had just seen the tip of the iceberg. There was more to be explored and one better than the next.

Local vendors selling various kinds of preserves, Olive Oils, honey, mustards, dry fruits, more. IMG_1136


I have a list of the most interesting shops I came across and these have been showcased below… treat this article more as “The Borough Market though my eyes (and Camera)”

Marinated Olives for sale
Dips, Marinades and More
Fudge and Chocolate..
Chocolate and Nougat
Turkish Delights on display
An array of Olive Oils


There was even a Lady selling Indian Chutneys..Won my heart- this.


Freshly Baked Breads

And a whole lot of fresh vegetables..Heirloom tomatoes, Artichokes and more.



Tomatoes and More tomatoes


Another interesting stop I made was at this shop selling Mozzarella balls in cones – topped with some pesto. Such a brilliant presentation for the dish.


Another favourite stop was at this fresh vegetable shop – where the gentleman had a complete stretch of Exotic mushrooms. Porcini, Oyster, Enoki, Button, Chestnut, Portobello and more..Now this is the kind of stuff we need back home. I did get myself some Enoki and Portobello for my home stock as I was flying back the same day. IMG_1159

Next stop were the Fruit shops. Fresh strawberries, Oranges, Kumquats, raspberries, all in their brilliant natural hues ad glory – beseeching me to buy them and take them home. But sad are the ways of life when you really want to buy the entire market but your bags are small and you can only buy that much..Sigh!

IMG_1143  IMG_1164


Moving ahead..The market didn’t really just stock food products.


There were also a couple of Gentlemen selling Kitchen products such as Aprons, Gloves, Reusable Bags and more..

IMG_1173 There were also Pies…

IMG_1175And Plants

IMG_1186  IMG_1185And Ciders and Wines…

IMG_1187How can I miss forget the Cheese shops


Or The Indian Spice shops

As I have held time and time earlier, to understand any region, you need to start with its food and this market absolutely symbolises for me what London is all about. The various offerings ranging from British, Indian, Mediterranean, Turkish and more represent the melting pot of global culture that London is. The creativity of food shines through and the amazing expanse of offerings showcase the importance food has in everyone’s lives.


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